Friday, August 21, 2015

Baby's First Haircut! (Well.. kind of..)

    At first I didn't even notice. When I would catch glimpses of it, it appeared to me as if he had new hair growth coming in.

You see, as a nursing student, I attend night school, so when I get home, it is usually pretty late, and I don't get report from the prior hours while I was away. Their dad was smart to not say anything. He almost got away with it......

But the more I looked at it, I started noticing other spots, and that's when I asked Chris if he had noticed Grayson's "new hair growth".

I said, "It almost looks like someone cut it."

- "Someone did; Elizabeth."

My heart fell out of my chest. First hair cuts are very special to me. First and foremost, I drag it out as long as I can before one of my kids needs their hair cut. Elizabeth only got her first (TRIM) right before her 4th birthday. Yet as I look down at my 1-year-old, I can estimate that he has already lost more hair to scissors than she has.

THANKFULLY, my mother is a hairdresser and can mask the damage that has been done with a few more cuts. At least I'm hoping!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Today's To-Do-List.
- stress about what you didn't do yesterday
- stress about what you need to do tomorrow
- don't stress about today, at least...try not to

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Okay, good.
So since I try not to procrastinate, I will check these off all at once, so I can't push them to tomorrow ;)

         On another note, who is ready for the new school year!? My 4-year-old Elizabeth sure is! We are homeschooling, and this will be our first "scheduled year". I can't wait to see how she excels.


Sunday, January 15, 2012


     I am officially a home owner as of January 13th! It feels amazing to have been able to achieve this step at the age of nineteen. On going check list for the past 2 years of my life:

  • Find the boy
  • Graduate from high school
  • Go to college
  • Have a baby
  • Buy a house
  • ......Marriage? 
      Anyone see a trend here? BACKWARDS. My life goals have been reversed ever since I became pregnant. If you told me a year ago that I would be owning a house at 19, I would have laughed in your face. I am extremely proud of myself for coming this far. I can't wait to see what another year brings me.

Elizabeth and my Bestfriend's baby boy, Christian. They are playing in our new house ripping up a paper towel together. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Updates & Happy New Year!

     It is now 2012. No longer 2011. No more excuses for excess tummy pooch. I can no longer say "I had a baby this year." Now it has become "I had a baby last year." It saddens me. But I have lots to be excited for in the months to come.
     I used to get hyped up about planning my new year's resolutions and making new goals for myself. That has changed. At first I decided that my one and only resolution for this year would be to think of resolutions for next year, but after contemplating this idea I came up with a few others.....

  • Update blogs more regularly. Not just for public eyes, but because it's easier than writing a journal and I like to reflect.
  • Really commit to getting my figure back. I gained almost 60 pounds in my pregnancy and lost all of it ......and gained 10 back over the holidays.
  • Stay organized. I've always had problems with this. It's overwhelming, but if I keep on top of things, I have less stress.
  • Extreme couponing. I love to save money! I actually was able to do this with my daughter's xmas pictures and saved myself 300$ and only paying $4.17 out of pocket :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I know I'm late. One of my new year's resolutions will be to keep y'all updated on a regular basis and not once-a-month like it has been lately. Chris and I will be closing on our new house in about 3 weeks. We are extremely excited to open this new chapter in our lives. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday as I did myself :) Santa really did spoil her this year!

Monday, December 12, 2011


      Sorry for being away so long, but I'm back:)  I just finished my fall semester in college and I made it out with A's and B's. I'd say that's pretty swell considering I'm a full-time mom. Elizabeth is now 7 months old and growing like a weed. Chris and I made an offer on a house after a two month long search. * FINGERS CROSSED *

I will add more details to this post soon. Right now my daughter is calling me and it is time for bed :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011



    I can literally count on one hand how many times Elizabeth has slept in her own bed. Since we all share a room, it had just been convenient that we all share a bed as well. In the beginning, it was because of breastfeeding that I chose to co-sleep. Now it is because I love the closeness of my daughter next to me. I sleep better and I feel that she sleeps better.

    Being that she recently turned 6-months-old and that we are in the process of finding a new house, I find that it is a good time to start putting her to sleep in her own bed. I only made the decision of doing this because I feel that it would be harder on her if I were to start doing it in an environment she's not used to. And so far, she's been okay with it. It's harder on me than it is on her I'm sure.