Friday, August 21, 2015

Baby's First Haircut! (Well.. kind of..)

    At first I didn't even notice. When I would catch glimpses of it, it appeared to me as if he had new hair growth coming in.

You see, as a nursing student, I attend night school, so when I get home, it is usually pretty late, and I don't get report from the prior hours while I was away. Their dad was smart to not say anything. He almost got away with it......

But the more I looked at it, I started noticing other spots, and that's when I asked Chris if he had noticed Grayson's "new hair growth".

I said, "It almost looks like someone cut it."

- "Someone did; Elizabeth."

My heart fell out of my chest. First hair cuts are very special to me. First and foremost, I drag it out as long as I can before one of my kids needs their hair cut. Elizabeth only got her first (TRIM) right before her 4th birthday. Yet as I look down at my 1-year-old, I can estimate that he has already lost more hair to scissors than she has.

THANKFULLY, my mother is a hairdresser and can mask the damage that has been done with a few more cuts. At least I'm hoping!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Today's To-Do-List.
- stress about what you didn't do yesterday
- stress about what you need to do tomorrow
- don't stress about today, at least...try not to

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Okay, good.
So since I try not to procrastinate, I will check these off all at once, so I can't push them to tomorrow ;)

         On another note, who is ready for the new school year!? My 4-year-old Elizabeth sure is! We are homeschooling, and this will be our first "scheduled year". I can't wait to see how she excels.